Caterpillar & Co.

Our goal is simple, to create the most enriching environment possible through informed choices and thoughtful design.

Curriculum – Our emergent play-based curriculum is aligned with both the Early Learning for Every Child Today framework as well as the Ontario Kindergarten curriculum through the use of both structured and child-initiated play activities.

It allows children to actively explore their environment and the world around them through a process of learning-based play which is key to developing problem solving, language acquisition, literacy, numeracy, and social, physical, and emotional skills.

Nutrition – Our snacks and lunches are catered by Real Food for Real Kids, a catering company that uses locally sourced, whole, natural and organic ingredients (whenever possible) to make food that is fresh from scratch every day.

Staff – Our enthusiastic and highly trained teachers take great care to prepare meaningful and relevant teaching resources to support the curriculum in each playroom. We encourage the use of natural materials whenever possible to create even more significant learning opportunities.

Environment – Every inch of the childcare centre has been strategically designed to enhance the day-to-day experience of the children in our care. Inviting playrooms provide children with a home away from home and our exterior natural playscapes are extensions of the classroom which encourage imaginative play while they explore the outdoors.

Encouragement vs. Praise – Encouragement acknowledges effort, the process and celebrates success with the child (“What bright colours you’ve chosen. What do you like most about your painting?”). Praise makes a judgment and is about giving a child external approval of their actions (“That is a beautiful painting.”). Our staff use words of encouragement when we communicate with children to help them foster their sense of self-motivation, develop positive associations with learning, and focus on following their own interests.

Philanthropy – We believe in showing children that we have a responsibility to take care of the world around us. On a daily basis we actively encourage ‘green’ behaviour such as recycling and limiting waste. Throughout the year we engage in socially-conscious activities; Thanksgiving food drives, adopting families at Christmas and sponsoring children in developing countries. In addition, Caterpillar & Co. donates a percentage of its annual profits to charities like Plan Canada and the Hospital for Sick Children.

Watch Me Grow Video System – We offer parents unparalleled peace of mind through our Watch Me Grow secure live video streaming technology. Free iPhone and Android apps allow registered parents to check on their children any time during the day to see what’s happening in the classroom or on the playground.


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