We are open Monday through Friday from 7:30am – 6:00pm throughout the year

We offer full-day care for the following age groups
Infants  9 months – 18 months
Toddlers  18 months – 30 months
Preschool  30 months – 60 months

All full-day programs include two snacks, lunch, afternoon nap (or quiet time) and a minimum of 2 hours outdoor play time.

The caregiver:child ratios throughout the facility are maintained in accordance with those set out in the Child Care and Early Years Act Act: Infant (1:3), Toddler (1:5), Preschool (1:8)

Full-Time & Part-Time Options

Within each program parents may choose to enroll their children:

Part-time: 2 days a week (Thursday/Friday) or 3 days a week (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday)

Full-time: 5 days a week.


All Caterpillar & Co. programs follow an Emergent Curriculum philosophy based on the ELECT document (Early Learning for Every Child Today; A framework for Ontario early childhood settings, Best Start Expert Panel on Early Learning, 2006) which means that your child will be provided with a balanced, developmentally appropriate and challenging program focusing on the areas of physical, intellectual, creative, social and emotional. Children experience hands-on, play-based learning opportunities that encourage active exploration, autonomy, choice, and problem solving. Every child’s individual interests, abilities and needs will be considered when planning our indoor and outdoor programs.

Our staff members support children in their play-based learning by:

• providing large blocks of time for both structured and child-initiated play;
• guiding, shaping, engaging in, and extending play but not dictating or dominating it;
• allowing children to be “in charge” of their play – engaging them in the planning of the learning activities and allowing time for unstructured play;
• providing a variety of hands-on, concrete materials, tools, and equipment that encourage children to engage in different forms of play;
• changing materials, tools, and equipment as needed, to guide, shape, enhance, and extend learning;
• asking questions to expand and enhance play;
• observing and monitoring play.


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