“The moment I walked into Caterpillar & Co, I got this instant feeling of comfort and trust.  My initial fear was that my son would be too much for them to handle as he is a very active, strong minded, and emotional little guy.  Jacqueline got right down and interacted with him instantly.  She witnessed a huge upset and she sat through it with him and gave him the comfort and support he needed to work through it.  In that moment I knew this was going to work.  The staff at Caterpillar & Co is outstanding.  They really do become like family, they are all friendly and supportive, and they work with you to work with your child.  They have a great play-based learning environment in which you can just see each kid excel, even the ones that are more reserved and quiet.  It brings out the creativity in each child, their personalities, and the joy of watching each child grow in their own ways.  Caterpillar & Co is truly an amazing daycare and I would recommend it to anyone in need of care for their child.” – Leanne Lepore

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